Custom Services

Our team helps researchers make sense of attractions and leisure projects.

By utilizing our significant base of proprietary technology and knowledge, we provide value-add analyses on markets, competitors, project economics, and feasibility. It is our mission to see attractions planned and built in an effective, sustainable, and feasible manner.



Contact our analytics team for an independent, free assessment of the economic and sizing guidance you need from seasoned industry veterans. Reducing uncertainty early helps you make better and more timely decisions. This is our function.




  •  Understand the economics of your project
  •  Conduct feasibility studies, or audit existing reports
  •  Guide you through preliminary development

Brand Owners:

  •  Develop business plans, or audit existing ones
  •  Understand the value of your brand
  •  Vet potential licensees

Designers and planners:

  •  Design pitch documents
  •  Calibrate sizing
  •  Develop master plans

Investors and researchers:

  •  Aid your equity research
  •  Audit existing models
  •  Receive structured data
  •  Issue opinion letters



Customized Reports: need something else? 
Have a need only for data?