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Our Process

At our heart, we're a traditional company.  We believe there is no substitute for good old-fashioned research, whether poring through documents, books, or making phone calls.  Likewise, our analysis proceeds from first principles, logic, and common sense, rather than the blind application of formulas.  

Our team of world-class researchers and analysts in Europe and Asia are constantly striving to bring you the best-in-class insights we are known for.  


The Park Database is the go-to resource for the attractions industry. We always appreciate their professional, responsive and flexible service.

Eric Lee, Director LBE, APAC Cartoon Network Enterprises

During our quest to expand internationally, TPDB has provided Waterbom Bali with excellence, professionalism and humility. Relative to any other attraction, we required a customized approach given our unique boutique eco-friendly water park concept, and TPDB has delivered beyond expectation.

Sayan Gulino, Waterbom Bali

The Park Database delivered perfectly.  They met our aggressive schedule and were very easy to deal with.  I would not hesitate to work with them in the future or recommend them as an excellent resource.

Robin Hall, Thea Award-winning theme designer, pioneer

The Park Database's authoritative data and analysis has been immensely helpful to us.

Annie (林颖), Vice GM, Yaoming World (姚明乐园)

Without having reliable honest data to work with in today's business climate is like driving a car without a steering wheel!  I would certainly recommend TPDB to anyone seriously looking to build an entertainment project in Asia!

Brad Billington, Principal, Mirage Entertainment