Attraction Investment Cost Tracker Database (2017-2023)
Attraction Investment Cost Tracker Database (2017-2023)

Attraction Investment Cost Tracker Database (2017-2023)

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Dive deep into our comprehensive Attraction Investment Cost Database, a datafile containing meticulously collected investment costs spanning the attractions industry.

Boasting over 2,800 records, this spreadsheet offers an expansive view of new attractions, renovations, and expansions announced from 2017 onwards, covering a vast range of attraction types and geographies.

Analysts and researchers will find this tool invaluable, whether you're conducting benchmarking or trend analyses, cost comparisons, or seeking insights into specific market segments.

Currently updated to October 2023, this file contains nearly 2,900 announced investment costs in the following categories: 

  • Theme parks (416 records)
  • Museums (625 records)
  • FEC (404 records)
  • Aquariums (129 records)
  • Waterparks (901 records)
  • Wildlife attractions (372 records)
  • as well as adventure parks, bowling alleys, cruise ships, planetariums, etc.

Announcement types are as follows:

  • New (1,408 records)
  • New attraction/exhibit (68 records)
  • Relocations (30 records)
  • Renovation/Expansions (1,387 records)

Costs from over 70 countries are reflected, with the greatest representation from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Mexico, India, Spain, France, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Germany.  

This product reflects costs for recent announcements.  For historic costs of existing attractions, consider the Attractions Data download.