Attractions Data - Full Download
Attractions Data - Full Download

Attractions Data - Full Download

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This is our most requested product and is now available.  A full download of the physical characteristics of the attractions in our public-facing database available at

Data is current as of March 2020 and available as an open Excel file.  


The characteristics in the data available include:

  • The location (latitude, longitude) coordinates of over 3,000 attractions.
  • Year built for over 1,600 core attractions and theme parks.
  • Development cost information for 700 core attractions and theme parks. 
  • Constructed size (in sqm) information for 1,000 core attractions and theme parks.
  • Attractions categorized neatly by country, type, and brand/IP.


Disclaimer: All information has been gathered from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed.  
This data product is for analysis and planning purposes only.  The Park Database makes no claims or guarantees about the accuracy of the contents of this data and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in its contents.
All information and data on our website is subject to change without notice.
The user acknowledges and accepts all inherent limitations of the data, including the fact that the data are dynamic and in a constant state of maintenance, correction and revision.